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Best Intermediate Skis To Give The Intermediate Skier The Edge

Making It Easy To Choose

Top intermediate skis for men and womenChoosing a great pair of skis can be incredibly difficult especially if you are only an intermediate skier, which is why we have produced this guide for choosing the best intermediate skis. After reading and digesting the information in this guide, you should find it much easier to sort through the hundreds of different styles, models, and brands to determine which are the best intermediate skis for your skiing style and needs. Since you probably don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a pair of skis, you might want to look at previous years models, as many skis shops have old stock that they will be willing to part with for cheap. Just ask them for the best skis of 2012 and you should be able to get yourself quite a deal on brand new, high quality skis.

Types of Intermediate Skis

In order to decide which are the best intermediate skis for you, it is first necessary to know what type of skis you want to use. There are many different types of skis to choose from, such as all mountain skis, cross country, and freestyle, and each type is best suited for different types of skiing. Still, generally speaking, the best type of downhill skis for intermediate skiers is probably going to be all mountain skis, due to their versatility. All mountain skis are for those who want to ride different types of terrain all over the mountain, and are as at home in backcountry powder as they are on groomed runs. This is why in this guide we have chosen to stick mainly to all mountain skis and cross country skis, and below you can find the best intermediate skis in each of these categories.

Hot Tip!

Order online and not by telephone to take advantage of the special pricing and promotions. If you are unsure about something and have questions, you can always use the phone after you have ordered to make changes or to ask questions. This way your price will already be locked in and you will be ahead.

Best Intermediate Skis
Cross Country

If you are an avid cross country skier, then you are probably familiar with the different types of cross country skis available. Choosing the best cross country skis for you depends on what type of cross country skiing you will be doing. If you are one of those who choose to stick mainly to groomed trails, then you will want to look for skis designed for this purpose, normally known as skate or track skis. However, if you want to go off the beaten path and blaze your own trails through the snow, then you should consider a pair of cross country skis with a partial or full metal edge, as these will provide more traction and grip when going off trail. You will also have the option of choosing between waxable or waxless skis. For the majority of intermediate skiers, waxless skis are the way to go as they are much easier to maintain and should still provide adequate grip in most any type of snow. Below you can find our pick for the best cross country skis for both male and female intermediate skiers.

Fischer Sport Glass Cross Country Skis for Men and Women

Fischer is an incredibly well respected manufacturer of skis, and their Sport Glass cross country skis are great for intermediate skiers. They come in different varieties for both men and women, so make sure you order the correct gender. Fischer is well known for producing incredibly well-built, long lasting skis at a great price, and the Sport Glass series is no different. These skis come with Fischer’s patented PowerEdge technology which provides excellent opportunities for skiing both groomed trails and off trails as well. These skis are made with an air core chamber which makes them extremely lightweight. Still, the graphite base ensures that are equally as durable. You should be able to pick up a new pair of these skis for under $150 which is part of what makes them so appealing to intermediate skiers. If you continue with the sport and your skills increase, you will undoubtedly want to upgrade within a year or two, so why spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on intermediate skis when you know you will want to replace them shortly.

Men’s Intermediate Cross Country Skis

Touring – Straight Packed Trails

Fischer Jupiter Control Mounted XC Skis

fischer jupiter control mounted mens xc touring skis


Touring – All Purpose Type Cross Country

Rossignol BC110

Top Men's Off Trail Rossignol BC 110 Positrack Cross Country Skis

Women’s Intermediate Cross Country Skis

 Fischer Desire Mounted Cross Country Skis

Best Intermediate Skis
All Mountain

We are only going to look at all mountain skis because these will be the type of skis that will provide you with the most options for exploring everything the mountain has to offer. This time, we have only narrowed down to your choices to a few particular brands to look at. These brands are incredibly popular and known for producing some of the highest quality skis in the world. Still, you don’t have to buy your skis from these particular companies, but they will nonetheless give you a great starting point so you have something to compare other skis to, and you definitely cannot go wrong if you do indeed decide to buy these particular skis

Best All Mountain intermediate Men’s Skis

For the category of men’s skis, we recommend you look at two different companies- Volkl and Rossignol. Rossignol produces incredibly high quality skis at a great price, so they are absolutely perfect for beginner to intermediate skiers. Volkl also produces great skis, but they are slightly more expensive than most Rossignol skis, and are possibly better suited for intermediate to advanced skiers.

Check Out Rossignol Experience 88 All Mountain Skis

best all mountain intermediate skis for men rossignol experience 88

Rossignol Experience 88 Skis


Check Out The Volkl Mantra All Mountain Skis

The top all mountain intermediate Volkl Mantra skis for men
Volkl Mantra Skis

Best Women’s Skis

When it comes to womens skis, Rossignol is still one of the best brands around and they produce some great, lightweight skis that feature incredible control and maneuverability. These are the perfect skis to practice your technical skills, and should last for at least a few years if well taken care of. Nonetheless, if we had to pick a favorite company amongst all women’s skis, it would have to be Nordica. No other company produces such a high quality line of women’s intermediate downhill skis. Again, you will probably have to pay a bit more for these skis than you will for the Rossignol skis, but they are well worth the extra price. One model not to be missed is the Dynastar Exclusive Idyll Skis skis, which are the most maneuverable women’s skis ever come across and feature a carving ability that is second to none. There are other women’s skis that are also worth a look, but the Dynastar Exclusive Idyll Skis are definitely one of the best intermediate skis of 2013 and probably ever. This site specializes in helping you find the best skis.

Dynastar Exclusive Idyll Skis

The top all mountain intermediate skis for women Dynastar Exclusive Idyll


Dynastar Exclusive Idyll Skis w/ Look NX EXC Bindings

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